About Me

Hi, I am kcSeb, and I've mostly worked within the IT sector whether its programming, web-design, systems administration, or content creation, I've done a little bit of it all.

I started out with computers at a really young age, just getting my hands on anything I could to tinker with. Fast forward into my teenage years and I started Have Freedom Hosting. A while after, I joined up with the folks at LBRY and helped them out for a while. I've never been able to sit down and decide what I'd do for a career, as such I've labeled myself as a free-lance dilettante.

Cool Things I've Been a Part Of

Have Freedom Hosting
Owner, Founder and Web Master (Columbus, Ohio. May 2017

Have Freedom Hosting is a Columbus, Ohio based web hosting company. I founded this company simply because I was tired of paying outrageous prices through other web hosts. Plus, I wanted a market where others weren't paying those same awful prices.


Hare N Husky Co.
Photographer and Web Master (Multi-Location. July 2019)

Hare N Husky Co. is a photography duo between myself and my fiance. We use this site as a portfolio and as a way to document our travels around the world. We also do occasional shoots for friends and family.


Owner and Web Master (Remote. June 2018)

LBRY-Community is a community hub for all things LBRY-related. Projects, development, news and more. Bought this off Rouse ages ago and maintained it for a few years. The project is now defunct due to lack of community interest and LBRY rebranding into Odysee.


Public Relations and Chat Moderation (Remote. October 2017)

LBRY is a decentralised blockchain protocol used for creating a network of content including photos, videos, blog posts and so much more.


F4:MP - Fallout 4: Multiplayer Mod
Systems Administrator and Public Relations for F4:MP (Remote. October 2020)

F4:MP was a mod meant to bring multiplayer capability to Fallout 4. Sadly, this project was abandoned and killed off by the (at the time) owner.