Hello! I am kcSeb! I finally got licensed as an amateur ham radio operator!

Callsigns: [G] KE8YXN - [ZA] WRYB800 - [Foundation] M7KSC

I took my remote exam from a lovely place called GLAARG (Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group)

I am now licensed under the [T] Technician and [G] General amateur radio licenses.

Additionally, I am licensed under the UK Foundation class!

I also am licensed for GMRS operation in the US, but that's not as cool.

I am a member of YARC (Young Amateurs Radio Club) and N1ARA (Nara Amateur Radio Club (formerly Neos Amateur Radio Club)

Want to reach me via email? Send to seb [AT] furry [DOT] radio OR ke8yxn [AT] furry [DOT] radio (TNX to WA6CR for the service.)

Some helpful resources!

HamStudy is entirely free and has been one of the most useful study resources I have found. They have ample information for any US amateur radio exam.

Some useful acronyms used in ham radio can be found here.

FCC Resources: ARS (Amateur Radio Services) | ULS (Universal Licensing System)

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